Why Students Should Network

Why Students Should Network In

Networking is about communicating with other people whether face to face or using modern day social media based tools such as “LinkedIn” or “Facebook”. It has become an increasingly popular way of people meeting and making connections. There are many reasons why a person should want to network.

  • It is a great way to find out about businesses you may want to work for and gives you an inside information source.o It can help you discover what people do in your industry and gives you an opportunity to work alongside them.o It can also help you find out about job openings and new opportunities.

When people go out for a job search, they do not usually think about networking. This can be one of the most important and effective strategies. Other ways to look for a job is by making networking calls to look for leads or advice.

Websites and modern day social networking sites can be very beneficial in the job search. They are easy to use and effectively allow people to speak to many employers at one time.

  • Think about a specific job that you would like to get and think about your network of friends and colleagues. Ask them to put in a good word for you or to recommend you to employers.o You will hear from people, about jobs, about people who may be interested in hiring someone with your skills. You can follow up on these leads to make sure you never miss a great opportunity.
  • Consider making a business card with your email address and sign up to receive messages from employers or business owners about jobs.
  • Don’t forget to keep your business cards handy! You never know when you will need to leave a message or call someone on the number.

Don’t forget people are more into networking today than ever before thanks to the World Wide Web.

For Business Interests and Networking:

A leading executive recruiting firm, B Emperor Marketing, has been attracting and retaining top talents since 1998. At the same time, we have grown the number of jobs we are able to recruit for, and the quality of employees we select from the ranks of our applicant pool.

Why should you send networking email to recruiters? There are several reasons. First, it is an easy way to interact with lots of people in a short period of time. Most people are interested in connecting with someone they don’t know. Second, we believe it is important to keep in touch with people who may have access to the type of job that you are seeking. It’s also a powerful way to express your interest in a job and accomplishments you might not necessarily share with others in a more “formal” way.

Finally, we believe the value of networking far outweighs its cost. It is both free and often times very low-cost networking.

Recruiters will forward all networking email to candidates.

Be prepared to respond quickly.

If you don’t want to have your entire email address appear in the spam filter, ensure the message is snarfy and relevant to the recruiter’s job interest.

The email should be sent at a time when you know the recruiter won’t be checking that email.

The subject of the email should always intro topics about the candidate. For example, if the recruiter is interested in looking at particular data, you may want to suggest this is the right time to forward the email to the recruiter.

The goal is to move the recruiter to action, either asking for an interview or getting a referral.

Follow-up immediately whenever they referred you.

The recruiter may retain a long list of contacts, depending on their network size. They may also keep a company website locked down at certain times during the day. If you don’t find out about a job referral from the recruiter, you won’t know about one either.

Don’t rely on company websites to find candidates either. Many state or government websites lock their sites during regular business hours. Don’t depend on these company websites to list available positions.

If you are serious about finding a job, you need to be proactive and creative. You need to notice when companies are hiring and contact them directly. This is the only way you will find a job in pharmaceutical sales.