Interviewing Over Lunch: Are You at Risk?

Everything you should know about Interviewing Over Lunch

Sometimes a hiring process will include having lunch with the hiring manager. Despite anything said to the contrary, this is a formal part of your interview!

This can be a very tricky situation.

Impressions made in this manner can have a significant impact on the hiring decision.

If you have not been introduced to the hiring manager, do not be surprised. Typically, this will be an experienced manager with a wide cabinet of assistants.

The part of the lunch meeting that will interest you it will affect the way you conduct yourself and your performance during the interview.

As the name indicates, lunch breaks are usually short, whereas an interview is likely to last a “considerable” amount of time.

This means that you should be able to demonstrate your worth well in the first 5 minutes of the lunch meeting.

Every manager judges potential candidates in the first 5 minutes of a lunch meeting. This is why they will want to pay attention to how you act and present yourself.

First impression is the best in the first 5 minutes of the meeting.

Always remember this when you are meeting a manager for the first time.

The first impression determines the candidate’s potential

1. presenting yourself in a confident manner and sounding professional

2. showing good manners, ethics, and cleanliness

3. engaging the person you are talking to

4. body language and posture and facial expressions

The first impression you give in a lunch interview is the most important one. In fact, you do not have a chance to recover if you fail here.

Yes, there are jobs where body language and facial expressions play an important role in the hiring decision. This is not the case in a lunch interview.

If the decision has already been made by the time you enter the room. Even if you miss your opportunity due to poor manners, you should still thank your lucky stars. If you manage to grasp the importance of a first impression, you can win the lunch interview game.

And here are some tips to make you lucky:

Do not be too nervous when it comes to showing your first impression. If you nerves get the better of you, do not be afraid to seek help from your friends (colleagues, friends or family). If you are embarrassed and feel you cannot hide your nervousness, it’s time to enroll in a university that is known for its good social atmosphere. Go where the students go in a lunch hunt.

Make sure you have a few friends with you. Your peers can quickly share their knowledge and professional expertise with you. You can also lament each other’s work, if available. Attend functions where you are more likely to bump into each other.

Don’t drink too much. If alcohol is being served at your interview, limit yourself to one or two drinks. This is not the place to “let your hair down” and get too relaxed.

Keep your necklines straight. You want people to look at you and pay attention to what you’re saying. Maintain a respectful and professional posture.

Carry a good memory. practice memorizing phone numbers and names. Keep a list of legal pads around you.

Comb your hair if it’s scheduled for a cut. If you forget to do something at the last minute, apologize and do it on the spot.

Create a good conversation before your interview with the HR representative. You’ll make a better impression if you are relaxed and communicate clearly.

Don’t appear desperate for the job. Being regretful after a job interview won’t look good.

If you are asked to describe yourself in relation to the job you are applying for, be honest and concentrate on the traits that are required for the job you are applying for. You should not veer off track and should not give a biography with your accompanying salary.

If you have a valid reason for being late, call the HR representative and apologize.

Remain calm during your interview and remain professional and courteous. Pass the background check and the drug screening. Go into the interview knowing you are connected to a larger process that could end in some positive outcome. That is what an interview is.