Been Laid Off a While? 15 Strategies to Get Your Resume Noticed!

15 Strategies to Get Your Resume Noticed!

If you’ve been looking for a job for more than 6 months, this information is for you. It is more detailed practical advice designed to help you fulfill your objectives as an executive-level candidate. This article is targeted at a management / professional level executive job seeker.

Even though your company may be hiring today, it may not notice your resume until it is time to make a job presentation. There is so much competition for the premium positions and promotions that a slowdown in hiring may occur. Take the following action NOW to get your resume noticed.

  1. Add contact information to your resume.Add email, cell and voicemail, URL and tasteful URL for your resume online.
  2. Create a desktop or online resume tutor application that is easy to use and educate the reader to understand your resume objective, credentials and work experience.
  3. Consider posting your resume for web portals.Some companies use application publishing tools to let customers contact them via email or by mobile. Consider creating an application that consumers can easily and effectively give feedbacks on your resume, by providing an online place for enquiries, comments, questions and request.
  4. Refine Financial Planning Career eBook for easy and interactive reading.
  5.  consider designing a company backdrop carrying visual element.Sometimes, company literature profile is enough to strike an attention and fortify an application.
  6.  polish, an effective Contact Form outline. A cover letter should be written in response to a vacancy that matches one’s background, skills and objectives. It should be cautiously written; one must not come over-powered and aggressive. Never use sweet words but rather formal language always.
  7. Analyze Your Target audience.If you are not fulfilling the requirements that are asked for in your job description by your employer, it is your responsibility to investigate and understand the reason for such behaviour.
  8. Be Indispensable? If you already have a job, you probably are not too keen on exploring other options. However, if you are keen to find a new job, and this is a habitual pattern in your approach, then it may be time to begin exploring other options.
  9. Re-Assess Your Skills. Are your skills still adequate or have they decreased to such extent that it may be time to start looking for other opportunities?
  10. Update Your Skills and Experiences.Are you still contemplating taking up a new role which adequately supplements your present skills? Or have you totally lost your proficiency in that particular skill set? It is probably time to consider your options.
  11. Consider Registered Education.It is worth considering whether your current employment is sufficient or the skills that you develop from your registered education may be of better use in another role.
  12. Commit to Continue Learning.Are you committed to lifelong learning and the improvement of your skills and experience? To this end, commit to taking at least the required number of continuing education courses. These courses could be web-based or classroom-based.
  13. Consider a New Career. If you are unhappy in your current job, taking the time to seriously consider whether another career is the appropriate course of action may be a prudent move.
  14. Make a Realistic Look at the Balance Between Work and leisure. Are you willing to sacrifice some of your time to keep a job? Do you have a family to support? Do you enjoy the games, shows or other aspects of a job that come along with a successful career? Do you have a mortgage or other bills requiring your attention? Would you be willing to invest your time and money to achieve another career?
  15. Analyze Your Talent. Having a comprehensive career planning consultancy in your corner will help you better assess your talent – will help you better positions you in a career that is most suitable for you. A career aptitude test will help you ascertain the parts of your personality that make you feel most comfortable working in a particular field.

As stated earlier, we recommend that you consider dealing with a career planning consultancy if you are serious of achieving the job roles required to be fulfilled by you in theTrue Achiever Employmentworld.