Abracative Brooming – The Hidden Job Market

Tapping the Hidden Job Market

Given that so many people are desperately trying to land new employment, the fact is that there is a hidden job market that is underutilized. That hidden job market consists of those jobs that applicants don’t advertise for, and are therefore purchased by private firms that require them to have high salaries, and high productivity. Many of these jobs are well suited for high wages, low turnover, and have attractive benefit packages. They’re also often profitable.

You can find jobs that don’t typically get advertised because these jobs are bought with little or no outside advertising. They are found by referrals and a sort of secretarial pool that includes secretaries, assistants, anesthesiologists, and medical transcriptionists.

You can find jobs that are advertised, but you need to do a good job of networking to make sure that you get them before the people who are hiring. One simple way is to contact former coworkers and colleagues. Try to find people who have a good reputation for product or service expertise. Since these people are in high demand, and can be found easily, you have a much better chance of meeting them and opening an opportunity.

There is a hidden job market, too, that is often overlooked. These jobs are obtained through social networks and word of mouth. It’s often more difficult to get into this hidden job market, because it is not typically advertised. You can go to the websites of companies that interest you to see if they have openings in the hidden job market. You can also search the classified ads of your local newspaper to find out if any jobs are available in your area.

When you get an interview appointment, bring a couple of reasons why you would be the best candidate for the job.

  • First, discuss your availability to work for short periods of time, for example: if you’re unable to work Monday through Friday, you’re able to work two 8 hour shifts and be available for openings on weekends, weekdays or even holidays.
  • Second, discuss your willingness to relocate. Many companies prefer to hire people who are willing to relocate. If you’re unwilling to relocate or will be seeking a new position in the near future, discuss why so. Perhaps you’re unwilling to relocate due to an issue or problem with your spouse or family members, for example.

If you don’t meet the requirements for the position, be prepared to ask why before the interview. What requirements are you expecting? If you meet the requirements, ask when you would be able to make a decision about whether or not to hire you.

If you are offered a position, discuss your interest in the position. Ask about the work environment and what type of people are involved. Do you think you will be able to work with them? Are they a partying bunch or a serious group? What is the office environment? Are there many creative people and few managerial people? What is the mood of the department? Are there many reports to be had? How many people are in the company? How many agencies are there? Do they specialize in a particular industry or area? What is the company’s historic position in the marketplace? What financial statements reflect its status in the marketplace? What is their weight in the industry?

Although you have completed the job search tasks essentially, there is so much more you can do. If you are the right person for the job, it is possible to exceed your expectations and take the position. There is more you can discover about the job market by networking with people you have an affinity with. You can also research the job market by reading week magazine subscriptions and publications. Go into every local bookstore and ask the clerk for information about the job market. Get the lowdown on what’s out there in the job market.

You can also conduct your own job search, using the internet as your primary tool. You can sift through hundreds of job postings, looking for the ones that relate to your area of expertise and your specialty. This kind of research is free and easy, provided you have the time to sift through so many applications. You can also obtain interview details and resumes via the internet at a reduced cost. If you are looking for a job in a specific field, such as accounting, you can also search for vacancies in accounting agencies. This is a particularly good method for networking, as many recruiters These valuable resources are freely available, and provide a wealth of information at no charge to you.